The ABC’s of Dieting

The sad fact is, dieting isn’t easy. You may have read about some of the fad diets and those wonder diets that are “guaranteed” help you lose 20 pounds practically overnight.  But do these diets really

Maybe yes, maybe no…

The problem with most of these diets is that they can help you lose some weight short term, but you may find it hard to keep that weight off once you stop dieting, plus, most of them just aren’t healthy. You might be able to drop a few pounds on the cabbage soup diet but is eating soup for a week really healthy? Many experts say that the only weight you lose is water and not fat. Plus, the soup’s recipe has an extremely high sodium content.

There are also the Acai Berry Diet, the HCG Diet and diets built around low fats, low carbs, “zones” and even one called the Tapeworm Diet.

The Healthy Solution
The truth is that the best solution isn’t an exotic diet built around cabbage, grapefruit or zones. It’s changing to a healthy diet consisting of nourishing foods that provide the proteins, fats and carbohydrates your body needs but that are in the right amounts so you will lose weight and keep it off.

Did I say that you need proteins, fats and carbohydrates? I did because a good, healthy diet isn’t one that totally deprives your body of protein, carbs or fats.  Your body actually needs all three of these food groups.

The reason people gain weight isn’t because they ate foods containing fats or carbohydrates. It’s because they ate too much of one or more of the groups – too many carbs or food with too much fat.

Simple Math
When it gets down to it, losing weight is really just simple math and learning to eat food that isn’t going to stress the body. You need to consume fewer calories than you burn off through exercise or your daily activities.  If you consume 3000 calories in a typical day and want to lose weight, you will need to either eat foods that have about 1000 calories or less or exercise more.

What it boils down to is learning how to exercise and lose weight in a healthy way. We also need to free ourselves from the excuses that are preventing us from living a disease free, energy filled life.

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